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  • Nasal Wash (2256 views)
    We wash our hands so that our hands are clean. We do this in order to avoid most of bacteria and viruses that we get from touching other things. We can also do this in our nose. Everyday, we travel ...read more...

    by: Admin (2006-02-09 06:59:07)

  • Excited For New Work (2041 views)
    I just found a job and this is my first long term job. We had an exciting project. To be honest, I never tried this before. This is entirely new to me. My job is to research for a new data warehousing ...read more...

    by: Admin (2006-02-09 06:44:43)

  • Sleepless Nights (2098 views)
    I really enjoy what I am doing. I just cannot sleep sometimes when ideas flow into my brain. I do not know if this is something healthy or not. Anyway, I really need to have enough sleep. As of now ...read more...

    by: Admin (2006-02-04 08:54:15)

  • Job at a R and D for a Banking Corporation (2175 views)
    This bank called me up since I am looking for a job. When I arrived at their office, they interviewed me and then after that, they asked me to take an exam. Fortunately, I passed my exams and I had an ...read more...

    by: Admin (2006-02-04 08:53:48)

  • Still Working on Quiz Builder (2183 views)
    I will be spending a few more weeks to improve more the quiz builder. After quiz builder, I will move on to look for more interesting projects. I will be looking for a decent job after I finish this q ...read more...

    by: Admin (2006-02-04 07:51:14)

  • Reviewers Etc (2262 views)
    We now have a couple of reviewers for exams now and this should be enough for a while. I really plan to add more things after I have the day job. Well I reall think that I should have one so that I ca ...read more...

    by: Admin (2006-02-04 06:10:48)

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