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[bambie retes]Simple lng naman talaga ang sulosyon but! Hard to substitute! Haha jxt try to observe it! XD  ; [merldorothy]BOBO KASI KAYO  ; [merldorothy]the answer is you dont have a penis  ; [pinatakan]Lets just play Dota 2 plzzz  ; [merldorothy]why is it ?  ; [Guest]I thought queer means homo, not hetero.  ; [adalla]whyy  ; [khaiixkhaii]Long method! Wohoho 1/3 x 27/8 x 16/9 First get the factors and combine it. 1 x 9 x 3 x 4 x 4 (numerator) over 3 x 2 x 4 x 3 x 3 (denominator) Cancel 3/3 and 4/4 for it is equal to 1. then multiply the remaining. 1 x 9 x 4 over 2 x 3 x 3 = 36/18, then get the lowest term which is 6/3 = 2/1 or simply, "2"  ; [khaiixkhaii]Thanks, Cindy! God Bless!<3  ; [Guest]ang tanga ko pota.  ; [Guest]first find the LCD of the denominator and after you find the LCD. Change it to similar fraction and if both denominators are similar. You now add the numerator and copy the denominator.  ; [Guest]Hard Disk is also a storage device. There are two possible answers to this question.  ; [scifranz]fibula  ; [Guest]$40(2)+$15(28)= 500 right? NOT $460.  ; [Guest]yeAH  ; [Guest]gfdgfdgdgdnfd  ; [micxj]hoy it's 720 I guess  ; [micxj]ay ! minus 7 pa pala kac present ung pinag uusapan.. sorry ! :D  ; [micxj]tama ung kay mr.amparado pero bk8 wla sa choices? mali ba ung nag sulat?  ; [micxj]I think the writer meant HOUR-HAND not the minute hand.  ;


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Popular Quizzes
  • Health Assessment Quiz
  • College Admission Test
  • Common Misspelled Wo...
  • Vocabulary Words
  • English Words Correc...
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