Quiz Builder Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is QuizBuilder?
  • QuizBuilder is a tool to build quizzes. Quizzes, exams, tests,whatever you call it, you can make it here. The purpose of iKodeko Quiz Builder is to provide an environment where students can prepare for the real exam. This will be a very good place to discuss questions that will come out in the actual exam.

  • How Can QuizBuilder Help Me?
  • There are a number of ways QuizBuilder can help you. As long as you are faced with examinations, QuizBuilder can be a great use for your success.
    • Taking college entrance examinations.
    • Tests for assessing employee standards in a company.
    • IT certifications like A+, MCSD and many more.
    • Exams for subjects like Calculus, Algebra and Physics.
    • Government examinations like Civil Services Exam.

  • Quiz Builder is acting weird. What is wrong?
  • This website is using cookies. Cookies are used to help identify the website identify who is using the system. Please enable your cookies to normally use the website.

  • Mozilla FireFox Users
    • Click on Tools Menu.
    • ... Options
    • ... Privacy
    • ... Cookies
    • ... Check Allow Sites To Set Cookies
    • ... Click OK.
  • Internet Explorer Users
    • Click on Tools Menu.
    • ... Internet Options
    • ... Privacy
    • ... Advanced
    • ... UnCheck Override Automatic Cookie Handling
    • ... Click OK.

  • Do I have to pay to use QuizBuilder?
  • The use of QuizBuilder is absolutely for FREE! You can create and take exams for free. The main idea of QuizBuilder is to help users and organizations create online exams. Students can create here quizzes that simulate their real exams.

  • What Type of Questions Can I make with Quiz Builder?
  • There are 3 types of questions you can create. You can create (a)Single Answer (b)Multiple Answer and (c)Supply The Word/s type of questions. You can modify the type of question by adjusting the answers:questions ratio.

  • Single Answer: One correct answer with One or more other choices.
  • Multiple Answer: Two or more correct answers but Answers must be lesser than choices.
  • Supply the Word: Answers must be equal to choices.

  • A Small Amount Can Help


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