Quiz Info: English-Idiomatic-Expressions
Quiz: English Idiomatic Expressions
An idiom is an expression whose meaning is not compositional, whose meaning does not follow from the meaning of the individual words of which it is composed. For example, the English phrase to kick the bucket means to die. A listener knowing the meaning of kick and bucket will not thereby be able to predict that the expression can mean to die. Idioms are often, though perhaps not universally, classified as figures of speech. ESL students can also use this quiz for understanding sentences like idioms.

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    >> pauleentin12: wow! why??? i never know that an animal is always cheerful!

    in animal spirit.

    >> pauleentin12: wow! i thought a donkey is an industrious one! i never thought it wants to work in an unpleasant time or what so ever...T_T

    do the donkey work

    >> Guest: butterflies in one's stomach means feeling nervous....

    butterflies in one's stomach

    >> charlie21: lets get physical

    hit the nail on the head

    >> Guest: no its should be letter b.

    get away clean

    >> Guest: this question has a wrong answer

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    >> Guest: yes ur true this quiz is annoying one

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    graveyard shift

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    an open secret.
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