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Quiz: Computer Networking
General Information about computer networking. Topics like internet, routers, packets, protocols etc will be available here. Take this quiz and know how well you know your networking.

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    What are they talking about this Quiz? :

    >> Guest: why it has 128 bits

    IPv6 has ___ bit address

    >> Guest: what is the correct answer?

    What is a NIC?

    >> mimz: VPN stands for Virtual Private Network.

    VPN stands for...

    >> mimz: good to know! =0)

    VPN stands for...

    >> hannah grace: tanx^^

    VPN stands for...

    >> hannah grace: y?

    IPv6 has ___ bit address

    >> eztannatez: What is OSI layers?

    FTP means...

    >> mimz: thanks

    VPN stands for...

    >> Guest: virtual private network

    VPN stands for...

    >> Guest: virtual private network

    VPN stands for...
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