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iKodeko Worksheet Maker Software is a tool to create various exercise sheets (e.g. in a workbook). This tool is for parents, teachers who have a student learning the fundamentals of mathematics. You can create worksheets involving addition to division of numbers. It can also generate worksheets involving fractions and word problems.

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12000+ downloads since Sept 9, 2005

Is this Free?

Yes, this is free. This is the FULL VERSION. This means that you do not have to pay, register or enter an activation code to fully use the software.

You are free to distribute iKodeko Worksheet Maker to your family and friends. I created this software to promote education. If you have a friend or family that you think will need this, please refer this software to them.

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  • User Interface
  • Basic Addition Worksheet
  • Solve for X
  • Hand Writing Worksheets
  • Roman Numeral Conversion
  • Algebra Word Problems

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    • If you have something to say, please send it to me using this form.


    System Requirements
    • Operating Systems
      - Windows 95, 98, Me, NT 4, 2000, or XP

    • Hard Disk Space
      - 3 MB (installer of Worksheet Maker is 1.8MB)

    • Printer
      - If your printer can print on an 8.5 x 11 paper then it is OK.
      - Laser Printers
      - Deskjet/BubbleJet etc
      - I am not sure if this can work with Dot Matrix Printers.

    • SVGA Monitor
      - If you can view this page right now then your computer monitor is suitable to run the software.

    • Learning Curve
      - I am sure you can handle the installation and usage of Worksheet Maker. It is very simple.

    Want To Help?
    • Write Testimonials
      - By writing how the iKodeko Worksheet Maker helped you or your kids, you can help us encourage other people to use our software.

    • Email us your suggestions
      - Suggestions are always welcome! Please feel free to send us any positive (or negative) comments that you have.

    • Donations
      - If you really want to donate you can send $20 (or any amount) to my address.